Van Dijk E-projects provides executive commercial services related to the offshore industry.

Our analyses and input are based on over 30 years experience in the offshore construction and installation industry, both for wind energy as well as the oil and gas sector.  This experience ensures the required helicopter-view and feel for ‘need to do’s’ is provided.

We offer hands-on involvement in 4 main areas of commercial activity

Business Interest Analysis
    • Mapping of a defined market demand
    • Cross linking market and your supply
    • Development of a dedicated pursuit plan
Interest Representation and Development
    • Development of a stakeholder maintenance plan and progress monitoring.
    • Enlarge the effectiveness of your event by mobilizing relevant representatives from my network.
    • Representative at exhibitions and conferences, including presentations.
    • Non-executive partner to Senior Management, including providing solicited and unsolicited advice.
Tender Guidance and Review
    • Participation in strategy development for a winning commercial proposal.
    • Critical drafting and review of a commercial proposal, including ‘basis of offer clauses’ protecting the company’s interest.
    • Support negotiations, based on identification of needs of parties involved. Covering your companies interest and trying to get in what is important to the other party.
Expert on Contract Execution issues
    • Sparring Partner / Ambassador on missions, based on experience of working on cross-cultural projects.

Cooperation format

    Van Dijk E-projects is flexible about the format and duration of any working relationship.  Ad hoc missions are challenging, but longer term cooperation is preferred.


    • Case study and reporting on fixed fee basis.
    • Support on a mission or project for, e.g, one day per week during an agreed period.
    • Representation on a retainer basis.


    Formal CVs and legalized draft conditions, including NDA provisions, are available on request.